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Geo Textile and Ground Cover

Woven Geo Textile is one of the key products in PIP production line . We offer Geo-Tex in various width and weight. Our Geo Textile are mainly consist of Slit Fence ,Ground Cover and water filtration membrane in different color.


Full Fabric Range - PIP is making and selling vast range of the silt fence fabric in black and orange color. We are able to provide the Silt fence Fabric in 500 meter to 5000 meters per roll. The weight of the Silt fence fabric could be minimum 48 GSM to 120 GSM with marking tapes. We can also able to print the Silt fence fabric with your Logo.


Ground Cover - PIP can provide the ground cover fabric for the various applications for example weed reduction & control, membrane barrier for the seepage of the water to the ground, garden landscapes, paving membrne for road construction.