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WPP Sack /Multi Color Sack

PIP is producing millions of WPP Bags per year in 5 to 100 kgs filling capacity for different application. We are also fully integrated production facility to produce multi-color BOPP sacks for the animal feed.


Wovwn PP & PE Sacks.


PIP is making millions of small sack to pack Fertilizer, Animal Feed, WheatFlour, Sugar, Soil, Sand, Farm products and Polymers. These bags come in the capacity of 20 kg to 100 kg.



Technical Specifications of the Woven Sacks.


  • Fabric Weight - 45 GSM to 120 GSM
  • Fabric Mesh - 6 * 6 to 14 * 14
  • Width - 25 cm to 150 cm Tubular
  • Top - Heat cut, Zig-Zag cut, Hemmed, Tie rope
  • Bottom - Single fold, Double fold with single or double row stitch.
  • Coating - Single side, Double side
  • Printing - Single colour to 8 colours
  • Liner - 1 Mil to 4 mil thick



Some of the Typical Sacks


We have the ability to produce some of the typical sacks for very special use.


1. Valve Bags - We are producing huge quantity of these bags for the packing of fertilizers and cement.


2. Sugar Bags - Sugar bags needs to be very heavy and must be with the LDPE liners.


3. Postal and Mail bags - These bags come with the eyelets or the loops on the top so that they can be held at a place during filling..


4. BOPP multi color bags - We can print these bags upto 8 colours, EZ Open bags, and tubar(Back seam) style.