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Other Products

Tarpaulin – HDPE wove tarp for covering and securing the stored products from natural elements with corner grommets for securing the tarp in one place.

Container Liners – 20’ and 40’ container liner to transport the goods in bulk with filling and discharge spouts.

Box bags – We are able to produce the Box bags with top flap, in clear, white and any color.

Garden Waste Bags – Ideal for collecting dry leaves, twigs and garden waste .These bags can also be sued for collecting the newspapers, magazines, toys etc. Bags are self-standing and can be easily emptied with the loop in the bottom.

House Wrap – We produce high quality house wrap in clear and milky white, clear and single side and both side coated the house wrap ideal for covering the under construction house.

Lumber Wrap – Our lumber wrap are made from stong wovan polypropylene coated fabric. We have a capacity to print full face of the lumber wrap.

Baling Twine, Multi Filament Sewing Thread , 2-3 Strand Rope, Wrapping Woven Sheet in clear ,white and color with coating, Lumber Wrappings ,House Wrappings.